Baby Kickie

Baby Kickie was a doll, made by Mattel in 1987 that was a bit like Tiny Tears to look at except that she had flippers on her feet. You would put Baby Kickie in to a pool or bath tub and when you switched her on, she'd kick her feet and 'swim' along with her paddleboard. As she swam along she would also tilt her head from side to side as if she was actually doing the front crawl. Alternatively, you could place your hand underneath her tummy to support her as she swam along, just like teaching a real baby to swim!

The box for Baby Kickie said:

Wind her up, put her in the water and let her go, Watch her head turn to and fro, See her kick with her flippers on, Pushing her paddleboard right along!

Baby Kickie doll had a wind up switch on her back that blended in with her skin tones, so she worked without the need for batteries. Baby Kickie came with rooted bleach blonde hair and a bright pink halter neck all in one body suit.

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Do You Remember Baby Kickie?

Do You Remember Baby Kickie?