Baby Come Back

An amazing thing I thought - a real walking doll! I think Baby Come Back may have been the first of her kind, (certainly mine) and loads of things similar have been on market since. If she bumped into a wall or table or something else then she turned and 'walked' back.

Baby Come Back measured around 16-inches tall and was manufactured by Mattel in the mid to late 1970s. The mechanical jointed doll originally had blonde rooted hair, with jointed limbs and painted eyes as well as a battery box in her back to power her up. However, as Baby Come Back became more and more popular several other versions started cropping up including an African American Baby Come Back.

The original Baby Come Back came in a brown paisley all-in-one suit with a pink pinafore. She also had white patent boots that were actually attached to her legs so you couldn't take them off.

Baby Come Back had quite an unusual expression on her face and when you look at her cute little button nose and closed mouth you can't help but be reminded of a very early Cabbage Patch Kid. Interestingly, most Mattel dolls traditionally had striking blue eyes. However, Baby Come Back was one of the first to have dark brown eyes.

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Do You Remember Baby Come Back?

Do You Remember Baby Come Back?