Baby Brother Tender Love

Baby Brother Tender Love was from the Tender love dolls line made by Mattel. He was made in the 70's and came with a cute two-piece outfit and a bottle.

Baby Brother doll was different from other male dolls of the time in that he was anatomically correct. Measuring around 12-inches Baby Brother Tender Love had a soft vinyl stuffed boddy with blonde, almost white hair that ws rooted into the head. Rather than have glass eyeballs, Baby Brother Tender Love's brown eyes were painted onto his face. As well as a caucasian doll, there was also an African American version of Baby Brother Tender Love who also came complete with an outfit and bottle. This version had very thick black afro hair that was tamed with a hairnet as it all got pretty messy without it. The expression on the face of the African American version was the same as the Causasian Baby Brother.

When you bought Baby Brother Tender Love it came in a red cardboard box along with its own Birth Certificate and an "It's a Boy!" sticker. Oddly, on the back of the Baby Brother box it stated; "Dear Parents, we are proud to announce this dollis anatomically correct."

I got a Baby Brother doll as a gift on my birthday and, at first, I didn't like the idea of having a male doll, but he eventually came to be my favorite!

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Do You Remember Baby Brother Tender Love?

Do You Remember Baby Brother Tender Love?

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    My little brother stole mine and drew pubes, chest and facial hair all over him. :(