There has probably never been a cuter pig portrayed in film, book or anywhere than “Babe” TM. When it came out in the cinema, Babe was a phenomenon, it was massively popular, people cried en masse at the end, there were even national campaigns based upon it, every child had a toy one. It was massive.

It was almost like a cute version of Animal Farm, only instead of the animal rising up and taking the farm, there was a harmony and fairness inherent in that Disney-fied.

It was about a baby pig (Babe) who starts herding sheep, and goes on to win a national award at a sheep herding competition! (I know, that old plot device!)

The film itself was very emotive, and surprisingly funny too. It almost felt like an old morality tale with its deep voiced narrator and anthropomorphic animal cast. It was rumored that the film even made grown men cry!

The film was so successful that it even led to the “I don’t eat Babe” vegetarian campaign to get people to stop eating meat, or at least stop intensive farming methods.

My Niece had a version of this Disney character that she took with her everywhere solid for at least 5 years. Of course having such a cute felt pig to cuddle and hold was very nice for her, and for her parents it meant that they didn’t have to give her any of their bacon at breakfast. So it was all win – win.

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Do You Remember Babe?

Do You Remember Babe?