Austin 1100

This Memory is looking a little short on nostalgia! Have you got anything you could add?

Something of a classic car. Indeed, was a lot of people's first car.

It had the same engine as a MINI so it was easy to repair and you could get loads of spares.

This cars claim to fame? It is the very same style car that was given a "DAMN GOOD THRASHING" by the great BASIL FAWLTY!

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22 September 2010

Do You Remember Austin 1100?

Do You Remember Austin 1100?

  • Anonymous user
    I found a '71 estate version abandoned in a hedge when we were caravanning near Totnes in Devon in the August of '84- one of the ones with a simulated wooden strip down the sides. It had no engine, but was unlocked and all the owner's documents were in the glove compartment. I contacted him and he offered to sell it me for £25- I was 15 at the time and thought it'd be a good project for me to work on, but my Dad wouldn't co-operate in helping me get it back to Birmingham, where we lived. In the end it went to a local classic club who renovated it- be nice to think it's still around somewhere.
  • Anonymous user
    I passed my test in one of these! Lovely car. loads of room, good handling, lively and the first with the strange floaty Hydrolastic suspension! BMC went downhill after this one!