Aunt Lucy

Aunt Lucy was Paddington Bear's Aunt from deepest, darkest Peru. She was Paddington's only known relative from South America, other than an unnamed uncle who Paddington always said gave him his hat. Aunt Lucy ended up living in the Home for Retired Bears in Lima - this is when she decided to ship Paddington away to England (after teaching him perfect English, of course). I got mine for my 8th birthday I think (so about 1981). She is stiff bodied and has grey hair. She came with her own bloomers, skirt, felt shoes, shawls, peruvian bowler hat and glasses. She also had peruvian coins in her bloomers pocket and a luggage label as well.

I still have the old girl and she is holding up pretty well for her age although all the elastic has gone in her bloomers and skirt.

My cousins and I used to use her hat and glasses for dress up!

There are a couple of different versions of Aunt Lucy and they're still available as official merchandise. The first Aunt Lucy has orange clothes, including an orange-banded hat. She also comes complete with blue clothing.

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Do You Remember Aunt Lucy?