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Art Garfunkel

Art was one of the world famous duo, Simon and Garfunkel but in 1970, they split due to differences in career interests and went their separate ways. This is when Garfunkel went solo but they did regroup on occasions to record various songs & do performances. His first solo album, 'Angel Clare', was released in 1973 to critical and commercial success.

Art Garfunkel did go on to acting, poetry and television hosting. He is a keen long-distance walker and in 1982, he did a three week hike across Japan but it didn't stop there, Art has walked across America & Europe.

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Do You Remember Art Garfunkel?

Do You Remember Art Garfunkel?

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    My sister's got an original copy of his 1979 album 'Fate for Breakfast' which she bought when she was 16. It's pretty good, but VERY different from all the protest-poet stuff he did with Paul Simon in the '60s- it's more easy listening, with a certain amount of mystical atmospheric harmony on some of the tracks. He's sometimes appeared on stage with his son, who looks exactly like a small version of him!!