Army GEAR was a neat and short-lived toy line produced by Galoob in 1988 that combined the ideas of a small playset with military toys. Each play set consisted of an actual army item (such as an M-16, compass, or canteen) and would open up to feature a warzone play set with accompanying soldiers and vehicles. The largest set folded into an aircraft carrier.

There were fifteen different sets in the Army Gear range:

An Auto Pistol with Missile Staging Base Watch with a Missile Post Binoculars with Laser Tracking Station Canteen with Aircraft Carrier Walkie Talkie with Drone Launching Base Combat Medals with Assault Vehicles Combat Ready Accessory Set Searchlight and Air Defense Station Combat Troops Compass and Satellite Station Pistol and Missile Silo Grenade and Bunker Machette and Observation Post M-16 and Weapons Arsenal

The Army GEAR boxes looked like real wooden boxes thanks to the clever packaging and you could lift the flap at the front of the box to peek inside.

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Do You Remember Army GEAR?

Do You Remember Army GEAR?