Army Ants

Army Ants were small plastic figures, roughly two inches tall, of cartoony ants in a military motif. There were two factions: the Orange Army and the Blue Army.

Produced by Hasbro in 1987, Army Ants were released on blister cards in either bundles of three or eight. There were four different three packs and one eight pack for each Ant faction.

Fronted by General Patant - the leader of the orange Army Ants, the Special Strike Force Team consisted of; Stalker, Snorkle Head, Blitz Kreig, Rambant, Blightly, Beau Geste and Blak Jak. The Assault Team was made up of Mega-Hurtz, Road Rash and Grease Pit. The Sniper team were Recoil, Warpo and Repeater. The Orange Army Bazooka Team was made up of Loadout, Bug-eye and Howler, whilst Reeky, Windy and Bullseye made up the Orange Aerial Assault Squad.

Looking rather like Cyril Sneer from The Raccoons, General Mc-Anther led the Blue Orange Army Ants aided by Gimme 50, Semper Fi, Tail Spin, Bone Crusher, Knockdown, Heave-Ho and Jagged Tooth. Bunko, Incoming and Quick Hit were in the Mortar Team whilst Sneaky, Pig Out and Ozone made up the Artillery Team. The Blue's Flame Thrower Squad were Stabber, Rip Pin and Blow Torch. Finally, Razor Beak, Crossfire and Snarl were in the Bomber Squad.

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Do You Remember Army Ants?