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This Memory is looking a little short on nostalgia! Have you got anything you could add?

Best thing I can remember about this programme - being a kid and rather indifferent to world events, people who were over the age of 15 and politics - was the opening credits. That semi-psychedelic, neon-lit bottle and Brian Eno music... just what I needed to send me off to Bedfordshire!

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Do You Remember Arena?

Do You Remember Arena?

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    itv had a programme called 'arena' too. used to be shown early evenings after kids tv had ended. t'was a debate show hosted by a 'colonel sanders' lookalike and each programme featured two guests who would put forward both sides to some topical debates of the day. as a kid in the 70's it would quickly be turned off. not sure if it was national but we got it on anglia tv.