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Fascinating game this is. Yes, fascinating. And at the same time potentially most dull – but it isn’t.

You see, this is the solitaire game of combat, adventure, and heroism in World War Two France. That’s right, I just said, a solitare game of combat!

Basically this little game developed the whole system of Solitaire and made this exciting new game out of it.

It was developed by Avalon Hill, released under Avalon's Victory Games label and was developed by Eric Lee Smith in 1983. It actually won a gaming award for best 20th Century Board game of 1983. Unfortunately, it has been out of print since Avalon Hill was disbanded in 1998.

I did try playing it when I was a young lad. I saw the images of was on the frint of the box. Got excited. And then opened the box in unhidden enthusiasm. And then became a bit confused.

Hmmm, it seems that someone has replaced this military game with solitaire! You see, that was my mistake… I looked back on the box cover and back to the contents. I couldn’t marry the two at all. My 7 year old brain just couldn’t conceptualize that hard and far.

As a fully rounded adult though, it is quite a thrilling game! Ambush! gives the player control of an American squad, faced with a variety of missions against an ever-changing, hidden German foe. So almost a little like battleships, only more interesting!

The player selects and arms his squad, providing each soldier with command and initiative ratings, perception, weapons skill, driving skill, and movement capability.

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Do You Remember Ambush!?

Do You Remember Ambush!?