Amanda Jane

At 7in high, the Amanda Jane doll was always small enough to take anywhere you wanted, but also big enough to dress up and play with. I'm 53 now, but can still remember my Amanda Jane doll - I preferred her to Barbie, even though she was shorter and stouter! She had moveable arms and legs you could pose, and her eyes were painted on really pretty. Mine had blonde hair, but brunettes were available too. I was always combing her locks to keep her neat. I've seen a variety of themed Amanda Jane dolls on the Internet - you can get a guard, fairy, dressed for best, Alice In Wonderland, Scottish and even Little Red Riding Hood Amanda Janes. Amanda Jane also had a little sister doll called Baby Amanda Jane.

The company behind Amanda Jane dolls formed in 1952, but the first actual doll was released in the late 50s and was called Jinx. But in 1965 a huge fire destroyed most of the dolly patterns, so the company had to start from scratch with the brand-new Amanda Jane doll. The company is still going strong today, with the same designer it had in the 60s.

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Do You Remember Amanda Jane?

Do You Remember Amanda Jane?