Amadeus (1984)

The story of Mozart as a young man of incomparable musical genius. He was a party guy and a spendthrift, but he worked on composing constantly. In fact, goaded by a rival and guilt generated by his father - both before and after his father's death - Mozart finally worked himself to an early death.

Mozart's compositions remain among the most popular and perfect musical scores to this day.

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Do You Remember Amadeus?

Do You Remember Amadeus?

  • Anonymous user
    Amadeus is a masterpiece! No it's not perfect, since when did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have an American accent?! But the attention to detail in the costumes is astonishing. No it's not a true account of Mozart's life, but it's a fun, quirky film. The start is misleadingly dark. A scene near the end of the film is one of the most moving I've seen. This film actually ignited a passion for classical music in me.
  • slightlyodd
    seen the stage version of this, was so good I went and bought the film, the films good but nowhere near the stage show