Air Raiders

Air Raiders was a series by Hasbro (the makers behind G.I Joe) that debuted in 1987. They comprised air-powered ships that included two-inch tall figures; either Air Raiders or Tyrants of Wind. The ships also shot little air missiles. There were several popular toys included in the Air Raider merchandise including vehicles, playsets and soldiers. These were:

Air Raiders Fighters - Air Raiders Soldiers Command Outpost - Air Raiders Playset Dragonwind - Air Raiders Vehicle Hawkwind - Air Raiders Vehicle Man-O-War - Air Raiders Vehicle Storm Dagger Battle Dasher - Air Raiders Vehicle Thunderclaw Battle Dasher - Air Raiders Vehicle Thunderhammer - Air Raiders Vehicle Twin Lighting - Air Raiders Vehicle Tyrants of Wind Sky Troopers - Air Raiders Soldiers Wind Razor Battle Dasher - Air Raiders Vehicle Wind Seeker Battle Dasher - Air Raiders Vehicle

To tie in with the Hasbro toy range an Air Raiders comic book series was also published by Star Comics.

The storyline behind Air Raiders was that a comet had hit the planet Airlandia. The villain of the story, Aerozar was attempting to seize control of the remaining air supply and was plotting to ration it for his own benefit. Cue the Air Raiders - a band of rebels fronted by Admiral Fury and General Rokk, set on freeing Airlandia from the evil wrath of Aerozar and his Tyrants of the Wind - "Free Air for Free Men".

After purchasing the toys, kids were able to apply for exclusive offers for extra bits of kit including spare missiles and maps. Unfortunately, despite the imaginative story line and original designs of the vehicles, Air Raiders didn't go down too well with the masses. It ceased distribution only a year or so after its launch.

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Do You Remember Air Raiders?

Do You Remember Air Raiders?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember these!!! I used to have the blue/purple X-wing rip off and the red twin-cockpit fighter. I think I set fire to one of them after the 'air bladder' split...