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Aggravation! Yep that was SO the right name for this game. That’s all I got from trying to play it! I liked playing it but I could NEVER win!

The game was for up to six players, and the object was to be the first player to have all four playing peices reach the player's home section of the board. The game's name comes from the action of capturing an opponent's piece by landing on its space, which is known as "aggravating."

And yes, it was aggravating to have your piece captured, and it ALWAYS happened when you were about one move from winning. It was … infuriating, no, it was... aggravating!

I played it in the 1980’s but it was actually first invented in the mid-1960’s before becoming really popular in the 70’s. It’s actually passed on though a number of producers since it was first conceived –first made by CO-5 Company then latterly by Lakeside Industries and finally (perhaps inevitably) by Parker Brothers, a division of Hasbro. It seems Parker Brothers/ Hasbro make almost everything these days!

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Do You Remember Aggravation?

Do You Remember Aggravation?