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After Eight Chocolate Bars

In the mid-60s, my grandfather (probably also in his mid-60s then!) used to buy (and if we were lucky, let us have some) After Eight chocolate bars. No one else seems to recall these, but I remember them well. The chocolate was dark, but not bitter. Whether it was actually the chocolate used on the standard After Eight mints every one gets in at Christmas I don't know, but the wrapper certainly has the After Eight clcok emblazoned on the front. But the main thing I remember is that, while the packet was a similar size to say a bar of Cadbury or Galaxy chocolate, the After Eight had two bars (of thinner chocolate) - one atop the other. I thought they were lovely, and clearly so did my grandfather!

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12 February 2009

Do You Remember After Eight Chocolate Bars?

Do You Remember After Eight Chocolate Bars?