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Although he'd had previous chart success with the Lucozade-baiting NRG, Adam Tinley's first real success came with the number one hit "Killer", featuring then unknown Seal on vocals. The track was a global hit, and brought the Acid House and rave scene closer to the mainstream.

Later success was patchy, with Adamski's musical ambition at odds with a record-buying public just wanting more of the same.

Adamski currently produces and DJs under the name "Adam Sky", and is finding great favour with the more left-of-centre club crowds.

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Do You Remember Adamski?

Do You Remember Adamski?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember 'Killers' was a virtual soundtrack to the long, scorching Summer of '89- he used to wear a bowler hat on stage, Clockwork Orange-style. Adamski and The Beloved are the two sounds of that Summer, with it's crop circles and water shortages.