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Action Biker

Action Biker, or KP Clumsy Colin as it was known, was available on the Spectrum 128k and Commodore 64 back in the 80s. It was a tie in with KP crisps, as Clumsy Colin was their mascot then.

Clumsy Colin had to ride round on a motorbike and call at houses lhe passed ooking for various objects, such as a periscope or a snorkle. He had to find his mate and take him to the airport - but all this had to be done against the clock. I think you lost time if you called at a house and your friend's mum asks you to stay for tea.

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Do You Remember Action Biker?

Do You Remember Action Biker?

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    That's not the game I remember? On the C64 you have to find your bike parts and helmet. Once found you compete in the time trial race