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A Woman of Substance

A Woman Of Substance was a 1983 television mini-serial based on the book by Barbara Taylor Bradford. I have strong memories of this series as part of it was actually filmed in my childhood hometown - Richmond, North Yorkshire. The one star we all remember most was Liam Neeson who played Blackie O'Neill - I remember most of the female shop workers in the market place shutting up to come out and drool!

The main stars were Jenny Seagrove, who played Emma, whose life the series follows from being a housemaid at the turn of the 20th Century then she becomes a successful business woman after opening a shop which is the start of her retail empire. It follows her through to old age in the 1980s.

Other stars were Barry Bostwick and Deborah Kerr

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Do You Remember A Woman of Substance?

Do You Remember A Woman of Substance?

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    they don't make them like this any more - thank god. full of semi-northernisms like "don't just stand there gawping like a duck in a thunderstorm" (honest - the cook says it) and remembered best for barry bostwick being unable to keep up an australian accent past the first three words of anything he says before slipping back into his normal voice. my wife bought this on dvd and i swear i know half the script by heart now. truly soul destroying "women are better than men at everything" type melodrama.