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A Sharp Intake Of Breath

David Jason starred in this 1977 ITV sitcom as Peter Barnes, a "Mr Average" character always complaining about the way the world is and doing his level best to fight red tape and bureaucracy, often to the dismay of his wife Sheila (Jacqueline Clarke).

The main protaganists each week were played by the same actors. One was Richard Wilson (who went on to play Victor Meldrew in "One Foot in the Grave", amongst other things) and the other I can't remember.

At some point in each episode one of them would of course do the proverbial tradesman's sharp intake of breath.

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Do You Remember A Sharp Intake Of Breath?

Do You Remember A Sharp Intake Of Breath?

  • Anonymous user
    why dont they repeat this...far superior to fools and horses i thought at the time
  • Anonymous user
    It was Geordie character actor Alun Armstrong, he of the potato nose. He was the workman who always came round to fix things. He would look at the job, raise his eyebrows, and intake of breath (as in this'll cost ya). Hence the name of the series. andy from newcastle