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Media Coverage has received a lot of positive media coverage and has been featured in newspapers, on the radio, on websites and even on TV!

USA Today

"Gen-X nostalgia has been a Web staple since the debut of the 80's Server, but this site has a different angle: They want to hear what you remember from those long-ago decades. Think of it as a fine substitute for the class reunion you're skipping this year because you couldn't possibly be old enough to hang out with a bunch of old people (who just happen to be your age, or so they claimed at the time)."

First Coast News

The website was featured on the "Good Morning Jacksonville" TV show in the website of the day feature.

BBC Southern Counties Radio

Following the announced return of the Krypton Factor to the BBC, webmaster Michael Johnson provided three interviews with BBC Southern Counties Radio to discuss this exciting development.

Media Assistance is frequently featured in newspapers, magazines, on the radio and on television. It is widely used by nostalgia seekers, researchers, television production companies and academic institutions. is delighted to have been able to assist various television production companies, radio stations, magazines and institutions including:

  • The BBC
  • The Oxford English Dictionary
  • The British Library
  • Channel Four

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