Ra Ra and Puff Ball Skirts

OK every girl had to own one or the other unless you were extremely 'lucky' at the time and had both! Ra Ra's were skirts layered with one or two extra tiers. Whereas a Puff ball skirt was made of material double the length that it needed to be which went from the waist down to the length you wanted then folded over back up to the hem - with basically 'air' inbetween! I'm glad I've not got any photos to send in!!

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Do You Remember Ra Ra and Puff Ball Skirts?

Do You Remember Ra Ra and Puff Ball Skirts?

  • Anonymous user
    Kitten04 on 2012-05-20 20:17:18
    I had a ra ra skirt but puffball skirts are not very flattering
  • Anonymous user
    donkeybabe on 2009-11-23 20:43:09
    I had a white with black spots puff ball skirt when I was 13. about 4 years ago I bought a black one which I occasionly wear on retro nights out
  • Anonymous user
    cazzy71 on 2009-03-22 17:11:26
    All the slim girls wore them in the early to mid-90s, and sadly so did the chunky chubs, such as myself. The colours were just pitiful and me and me mates all looked like mini drag queens.
  • Yellow Watson
    Yellow Watson on 2008-02-18 02:08:09
    With my mum being pretty handy on the sewing machine, me and my sister used to live in clothes like this. Needless to say, the family photo album is pretty darn funny. My sister hasn't forgiven mum for it all yet though.
  • Anonymous user
    shazla on 2008-01-09 23:02:02
    oh yes the ra ra,had a lovely polka dot blouse with a ra ra going around the neck with ribbon,anyone have one of those,oh and there were those skirts with the braces remember those ive got the pics to prove it but noway im putting em on here lol
  • Anonymous user
    Anonymous on 2007-05-10 02:36:43
  • Anonymous user
    Anonymous on 2005-05-05 01:40:44
    I wore a black ra-ra and fishnet tights on my first day at secretarial college. The scary shorthand teacher deemed it unsuitable wear for a future secretary. Didn't stop me wearing the skirt, but I toned it down with plain black tights.
  • Anonymous user
    Anonymous on 2005-03-11 03:34:45
    Personally I always thought that Ra-Ra skirts looked quite nice, but then again I'm not a female! I think their reputation as being a fashion disaster is somewhat unfair, I remember seeing a picture of Clair Grogan in a Ra-Ra and she looked very sweet indeed.
  • Anonymous user
    Anonymous on 2004-10-14 13:08:53
    Ra ra skirts rule! I can't remember the year but 20P peices had just come out and my cousin (who I named my daughter after) and I used to go to a kids disco on a thursday night. (we saved the 30p admission from our spending money} every week we wore our white ra ra skirts and pink sandles, I remember dancing to 'prince charming' and 'fame' and I know I was in primary school! anyway my best friend had a double tier one[ a ra ra ra skirt?] and she showed it off that much that my mum got fed up and bought my a red ra ra dress! she paid a small fortune for it and I was allowed to wear it for the first time at my best friends birthday party. We didn't speak for months, but finallywe did and then fell out for the very last time over a wham poster, we are both now 30 and we've only just started speaking again!