Pebble Mill At One

Pebble Mill At One was for many kids a sign that you were off school sick with your mum insisting you watched this before Bod or Mary Mungo and Midge (the Flumps come in to my head too) came on. Pebble Mill was a seventies/early eighties blend of blandness in a magazine/chat show/caberet mish mash where crooners and comedians were set amongst Alan Titchmarsh interviewing Billy Dainty or Frank Carson.

I seem to remember Gary Barlow on it winning the Christmas Song Competition and Paul Shane (Hi De Hi) murdering the Righteous Brothers' "You Lost that Loving Feeling".

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Do You Remember Pebble Mill At One?

Do You Remember Pebble Mill At One?

  • Ali NE21 on 2013-02-06 21:23:13
    Yes, I remember watching this when off school, cleo laine was usually on it singing. Presented by the wonderful marianne foster, now on radio Newcastle.
  • richard on 2009-04-13 17:18:54
    remember watching this when being off hrowing a sickie whilst off school