Mint Cracknel

I seem to remember that the advertisement went something like...

"Mint Cracknell takes you somewhere cool and green.
Somewhere cool and green."

It was a chocolate bar consisting of two small squares held in a small cardboard tray. A little like the cardboard tray that seems to have vanished from Bounty, these days!

It tasted a little like toothpaste - even though I quite liked it.

The inside of the chocolate bar had a crunchy green centre and was probably too "adult" for my childish taste - I think I must have been about 7 - 10 when I first tried it.

I'm not too sure that it was very popular, though.

It disappeared - just like the Bounty cardboard tray did!

Happy times.

Do You Remember Mint Cracknel?

Do You Remember Mint Cracknel?

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