Lizzie Dripping

Lizzie Dripping was about a girl with a vivid imagination so no one believes her when she says she has seen a witch. Great adventures with Lizzie and the Witch .

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Do You Remember Lizzie Dripping?

Do You Remember Lizzie Dripping?

  • Chalky on 2014-08-13 20:25:58
    I remember Lizzie Dripping very well i used to watch it after school in the 70s great memories ,i recall her always calling the witch when she needed help, wiiiichhhhh but nobody else could see the witch this was on itv i think e
  • dawn41 on 2011-02-06 14:30:04
    i loved lizzy drippin when i was a child so sad you cannot buy the series im sure my children would love it just like i did
  • MARK WELSH on 2008-09-18 13:58:27
    Only thing I can think of was that she was played by Tina Heath who also around about the same time taught me to read in a Look and Read story called Cloudburst, the first Look and Read that was in colour and included Wordy or Mr Watchword, presented by Richard Carpenter.
  • Bubbletoes on 2008-09-04 15:13:34
    I used to love Lizzie Dripping, i dont know anyone who remembers it. I have tried to look for it on UTube, but alas, nothing. Would love them to bring it back! x
  • tilly jane on 2008-07-04 14:17:12
    Nobody i talk to remembers this, it was brilliant!! Glad to know i didnt imagine it!! michelle