French Almond Perfume

French Almond was a perfume of the 70's which seems to have disapeared without trace. It was a lovely fresh smell and came in a funky clear, thin glass bottle with black almond blossom flowers on the bottle. I can't for the life of me remember who produced it. All my friends and I used to wear it and I wish it was still around!

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Do You Remember French Almond Perfume?

Do You Remember French Almond Perfume?

  • CASPER on 2014-05-09 08:47:47
    I too loved this perfume, and it was not expensive. Cant imagine an old bottle of it being worth buying as perfume can go "off" and it would probably not be a good smell!!
  • angy123 on 2013-05-04 12:44:25
    I have a bottle of French Almond eau de toilette, 170ml!!! brand new in box! it's on sale for £120! thank you
  • Gerry sheriff on 2012-11-15 20:05:17
    Please Roberts of Windsor relaunch French almond perfume as I wore it in the late 60s and was having a fabulous time I still have the smell in my head I have been unable to find it despite searching. The smell makes me feel very happy. Geraldine
  • juliette on 2012-04-27 21:17:14
    lovely to know that so many other people share my fond memories of french almond perfume...there is a gap in the market...a re launch of french almonds would make a fortune!
  • Soraya on 2011-12-26 18:31:41
    Copy of Gicci Rush very similar to French Almond...I also was addidcted to French Almond in the 70's & would love it to be revived....bring back memories.
  • L.Broomfield on 2011-02-27 16:35:09
    Loved French Almond, wore it all the time in the late 60's & early 70's. Would love to be able to still buy it. Does anyone know of anything remotely similar? Lynda February 2011.16-30
  • Timxrose on 2010-11-19 14:27:48
    I have a bottle of unopened French Almond perfume by Roberts Windsor if anyone is interested???
  • brownie 1955 on 2010-10-08 14:46:55
    Can anyone remember happy face washing cream happy face little face on the jar
  • Muffintop on 2010-09-29 21:07:03
    I would LOVE to be able to buy French Almond again. It was all I wore in the 70s ;-)
  • pogostemon on 2008-11-24 11:14:57
    Oh this was nice! I also had French almond Patchouli when they branched out into new versions. French Almond body lotion was really good too.
  • Denise Faulkner on 2008-07-20 20:28:44
    I loved lemon grass talc and lemon shaped soap ,and I felt really clean washing with Lifeboy toilett soap, avon wishing,somewhere and elegance, pretty peach,and musk oil by cotty.French Almonds still comes first it was fab.
  • Denise Faulkner on 2008-07-20 20:15:42
    FANTASTIC, ive just come across this page and one of my faves was French Almonds,I wore it when I was a teenager and it made me feel very sexy and everyone would comment on it like, oh, wow! whats that scent you are wearing. also Gingham, haven scent, scotch heather, and norman hartnell In LOVE.cAPRICE BY yARDLEYS.AND ADAGIO.
  • NickyB on 2008-06-26 09:57:11
    I used to like Stowaway body sprays, especially one called 'sunrise' or something like that. Also, US deodorant - reminds me of getting ready to go to the disco!
  • Jeanette Hynes on 2008-05-28 07:16:05
    My mother died in 1975 and she always wore French Almond Perfume. I still have the bottle (no perfume left) and I can still get the smell. I would love to get another bottle for the memories of my mother
  • Margaret Orr on 2007-11-05 15:49:06
    I have been shearching for a perfume named 'Just Almond' but can't remember who made it. Might've been Yardley. We sold it in a shop I used to work in, in the 70's. Margaret-5-Nov. 07
  • leigh-ann on 2007-10-23 19:18:04
    the perfume u r all talkin bout has been discontinued am 20 years old and looking for a bottle of tribe 4 my sister, i found a bottle on ebay 4 $149.99
  • kandinska on 2007-10-14 13:23:51
    I also would love them to bring back French Almond perfume.It has always been one of my favourites. donna
  • Anonymous on 2007-07-01 08:11:36
    i remember exuberance perfume,,really loved it ,,would love to smell it again.
  • Anonymous on 2007-04-02 12:12:13
    ive got a bottle of FRENCH ALMOND perfume on a white poodle in a box.The poodle has a french beret on and shiny stones for eyes.My aunty and uncle bought it for me one xmas many years ago,its like new.I also have a MAX FACTOR black cat with EXUBERANCE perfume still untouched in a dome what I had many years ago aswell.
  • Anonymous on 2007-03-01 21:22:19
    I can remember my wife wearing French Almond on our wedding day in March 1973
  • Anonymous on 2006-11-09 16:32:29
    Does anyone remember an ice cream that used to come in a box just like a normal box of chocs but was actually choc covered ice cream with vanilla and orange ice cream inside. I think they were called Dark Secrets or something like that. They cost about 20p back in the late seventies and they were lovely!
  • Anonymous on 2006-11-08 20:24:49
    bazooka joe bubble gum - i think that was the name and you had a little cartoon wrapped around the gum? My memory may be slightly waivering now as it was soooo long ago..anyone recall?
  • Anonymous on 2006-11-08 16:13:54
    Does anyone remember Havoc by Mary Quant. I used to wear it when I was about 17. I loved the silver spray it came in. I was told Mary Quant dosn't make it anymore
  • Anonymous on 2006-01-04 13:27:15
    French Almond perfume was made by Roberts of Windsor and was available in Woolworths, as was Evening in Paris by Bourjois - two wonderful perfumes. Evening in Paris has since been revived - I wish someone would do the same with French Almond as I've been looking for something like it ever since!
  • Anonymous on 2005-12-30 11:03:21
    French Almond perfume was made by Roberts of Windsor.
  • Anonymous on 2005-12-18 15:36:28
    this perfume was made by ann french. i remember wearing it going to secondary school as it was affordable. the smell was beautifull and sweet. what made me think of it again was that i tried gucci rush and i think it is a great copy. it brought back old memories.