Football Crazies

Football Crazies were a school Tuck Shop favourite. They were bacon-flavoured balls that cost around 5p a packet and came in a mini-sized bag. They tasted great and you could also send away for football strips, I think, if you saved up loads of packets!

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Do You Remember Football Crazies?

Do You Remember Football Crazies?

  • markthespark on 2010-11-13 21:02:10
    haha.......tuck shop specials......5p a bag......yeah...
  • the bhoywonder on 2010-04-05 14:46:42
    loved them, used to buy them off the ice cream van and from the local coop. remember getting a free football sticker with them as well....
  • Rupert on 2007-12-08 18:48:05
    One of my favourite after school snacks, red Mill did something similar a while back but unfortunatley have withdrawn them now. Definintely bring them back!
  • Lolopop on 2007-09-28 12:57:51
    I can remember eating these until they came out of my ears. They were lovely, I say bring them back!