Picture Box

This television programme was aired on Granada television during the 1960's & 70's. Presented by Alan Rothwell, the programme was directed towards schools, covering a range of topics from around the world.

The opening credits had a silver with red lined see-through music box that revolved slowly on a pedastool to music that sounded like a very eerie merry go round.



Yeah, I think the music was played on an instrument called a 'glass organ' which was invented in the 19th Century by US President Benjamin Harrison. These were hugely popular in Victorian times- their sound fitted in well with the fact that a lot of children's drama and educational programmes in the '70s drew upon Victorian nostalgia.

The box in the opening credits was one of a small handful that Queen Victoria had specially made as gifts for her ladies-in-waiting. The lids are beautifully inlaid with floral mosaic. We are lucky enough to have one of them, due to the fact that my grandmother was a friend of one of Victoria's ladies in her youth,who made her a gift of the box when they were young women. The legs are a bit dented now, and it's lost it's velvet lining, but I would always get excited at the opening credits and say "That's our jewellery box on the television!"

'Picture Box' was a very good educational programme, attaining just the right pitch for the young audience it was aimed at. It was usually broadcast mid-morning, as part of the 'Schools and Colleges' schedule that ran on weekdays.
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