Lizzie Dripping

Lizzie Dripping was about a girl with a vivid imagination so no one believes her when she says she has seen a witch. Great adventures with Lizzie and the Witch .



i loved lizzy drippin when i was a child so sad you cannot buy the series im sure my children would love it just like i did
dawn4106-Feb-2011, 02:30:04 PM

Only thing I can think of was that she was played by Tina Heath who also around about the same time taught me to read in a Look and Read story called Cloudburst, the first Look and Read that was in colour and included Wordy or Mr Watchword, presented by Richard Carpenter.
mark welsh18-Sep-2008, 01:58:27 PM

Nobody i talk to remembers this, it was brilliant!! Glad to know i didnt imagine it!! michelle
tilly jane04-Jul-2008, 02:17:12 PM

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