Beat The Black Ball Game

You had a funnel in the middle of the game into which you put a black ball. It spun round and round getting lower and lower in the funnel and then there were four little plastic chutes which all lead to the plastic funnel. Four players could each have a chute, and have a little ball under a lever, and you had to guess when the ball would fall through the funnel and try and be the last of the four to let your ball go before the black one.

I can picture this game in my mind but I know I have not described it very well!

Sue Imber


Loved this game as a kid, one of the all time best games but not well known.
Jason706-Jan-2012, 11:09:17 AM

i loved the game and would love to see it back for my kids and i to play
madmax10-Dec-2010, 10:14:44 PM

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