Little Blue

"Little Blue, Little Blue, Why do they call you Little Blue? Playing in his bath one day as some of us do, he bit his mummy's fountain pen and broke it in two. The ink it squirted in the water - wow! His mummy's got a blue boy now..."

Little Blue was a childrens' illustrated (not cartoon) programme from 1979 narrated by Willie Rushton. It was about a little blue elephant and his adventures and was aimed at smaller children. Little Blue always got in to trouble but his Mummy was always on hand to help him out.

alison Tyson


No you didn't dream it, I remember it at 12.00 on I think it was a Tuesday or Wednesday, he had friends called Kipper Guppy and his bully friend was called Geoffrey Perkins, his best friend whom I can't remember was a girl called something like Martha, he lived with his Mother Mrs Jellybun.
mark welsh18-Sep-2008, 01:57:12 PM

Thank you. I knew I hadnt dreamt this , it really did exist.
blueblood24-Aug-2008, 11:56:27 PM


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