Tippy Tumbles

Tippy Tumbles was a battery-operated doll that used to do somersaults and flips. She was so cool for her day (in the 70's). Tippy Tumbles came with a little suitcase which held her batteries and she had short hair. I still have two of them. The adverts were great too.



I still have new in its orginal box
margy nicholson05-Jul-2013, 08:53:18 PM

It was my favorite doll. I think I overused her...When it broke down, it started leaking oil from the battery case, and I cried for ever, because I couldn't get a new one...
acv231-Oct-2011, 11:55:00 PM

I have a tippy tumbles with striped top and blue trousers and her hair is brown, she still has her blue battery case and she still works, I am thinking of selling her but dont know what she's worth
fiona2114-Oct-2010, 04:32:50 PM

I had a tippy tumbles in the late '60 - I was never allowed to play with it when football was on the TV as it made the picture go all fuzzy! Have promised that I will try and get one for my daughter!
TGregory00709-Sep-2010, 04:50:54 PM

Oh my goodness yes I remember my Tippy Tumbles, she had a pink suitcase for batteries, and navy colored body suit with I think a striped top, and a bad short haircut, I think she was blond.I loved her, and also my red headed chrissy doll too. Those were the days,I was born in 63, I had the first easybake oven, it was yellow and I think I still have it..wow its old.
maps198217-Aug-2010, 11:20:52 PM

I remember my Tippy Tumbles. I left the batteries in the blue box thing for too long and she never worked after that.
stephanie16-Nov-2008, 05:43:56 PM

I had a tippy tumbles mine had the little suitcase too, i also had Giggles when you pulled her arms in and out in a clapping motion she giggled and i had Katie CopyKat with the little pink desk and tiny tears!! god i was spoilt when i look back now haha! I still have penny puppywalker and tiny tears and katie
shahanshields12324-Oct-2008, 09:16:06 PM

I can remember Tippy Tumbles from when I was in infant school in the early 70's. She used to carry a 'suitcase' type bag which I think contained the batteries (not sure), the bag remained on the floor while she did a pivot sort of thing.
Lynne R03-Feb-2007, 02:37:02 PM

I got a Tippy Tumbles for Christmas when I was about 9. I was desparate for one and was thrilled when I got her. Mine had red hair, navy stretch pants and a stripey jumper. The only problem was it took four big batteries and I didn't ever get them replaced as often as I used them. My younger sister was scared of this moving doll and I used to chase her around the living room floor with Tippy. I eventually gave Tippy away, blue suit case and all, in perfect condition. I have such fond memories of that lovely doll.
Brenda27-Apr-2006, 11:51:43 AM

I was given a Tippy Tumbles as a gift to distract me when my sister was born - I was certainly more impressed with the doll than the baby!! My Tippy was dressed in red - it would have been in 1971. Also had a Penny Puppy Walker - so great!!! Was her dress green? I can remember the jingles from TV - "Penny Puppy Walker; if you take Penny Puppy Walker for a walk,she walks her dog, just like you"
Sam19-Sep-2005, 07:11:26 PM

I still have my Tippy Tumbles doll with the stripped top and blue pants, but unfortunately I do not have her wee blue suitcase that carried her batteries. She is still in great condition and I woud love to be able to get hold of another blue suitcase to make her work again, and pass her on to my daughter - does anyone know where you can get the battery operated suitcase?
Lorraine Boyle16-Sep-2005, 10:04:21 AM

I just finished listening to a cassette tape my parents made of me during Christmas season 1969. They asked me what I wanted repeatedly, and my answer every time was "a Tippy Tumbler doll." I did get one, and I loved her. If I remember correctly (which I probably don't because I was five), there was a sort of wired remote control thing you had to press to make her do her tricks. At any rate, Tippy Tumbles was my favorite doll ever next to Chrissy (with the growing hair). How I wish I still had all the dolls I used to own.
Vicky Sclafani20-Jul-2005, 11:53:57 PM

I also got a tippy tumbles for Christmas when I was about 3 or 4. She had reddish hair, a striped shirt and blue stretch pants. I have a picture of myself with her on Christmas. In fact I have been trying to find this doll recently but all I have come across is a blonde haired one that doesn't look like the one i had. Mine also had the suitcase not the ball.
Eileen22-Mar-2005, 02:58:15 AM

penny puppy walker- this was a doll with a small white puppy dog, a flower shaped air button was contected to the doll and doll squeeze the little air button and both dog and pup would walk
frances cottle05-Mar-2005, 02:03:10 PM

I have a photo of me with my two sisters when I was about 4 or 5 with a tippy tumbles doll on Christmas Day a lonnnnng time ago.
suzayyy25-Feb-2005, 09:50:23 PM

I am so glad someone else remembers Tippy Tumbles. I loved my tippy tumbles. I dont remember the suitcase but I remember you had to squeeze a ball to make her somersault it was attached to her back by a plastic tube.
L.Karoo18-Feb-2005, 02:34:09 PM

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