Jacko Monkey

Jacko Monkey was a gorgeous monkey that was made by Chad Valley I think. It was easily one of my favourite toys in the early 70's and I still have two of them!

Jacko Monkey had plastic hands and feet and wore a stripey tee-shirt and trousers. His arms were above his head like he was swinging from a tree or something.



I have 3 jackos 1 will be 45 this xmas he did have red trousers and red and white stripe top the 2 second had printed red trousers and blue with white spots he will be 40 this xmas the 3rd is all brown I do not no who old he is got him from jumble sale about 15 years ago for 50p
monkey mad17-Aug-2014, 08:32:02 PM

I've had my jacko monkey for 55years bought from woolworths they were all swinging from the ceiling my dad told me to pick one for my 5th birthday and I wouldn't part with him I love him now as I did when I was small happy memories.
Icooper17-Aug-2014, 01:09:27 PM

check out ebay - I still have my Jacko - he will be 50 in August. Just had a new body made for him - they covered his old one with flesh coloured material. He looks amazing - didnt lose any of his character.
My Mum took his arms off and sewed them so they hung down (easier to cuddle properly) I have done the same with the Jacko I gave my grandaughter - bought at a carboot.
clarealien17-Jun-2014, 01:57:41 PM

Please can any one answer my question, I had a Jacko Monkey approx 1959 - 1961 year of manufacture. I recall it having red trousers and a red and white striped top. If my memory serves me right it also had red sleeves on the top. The only photos I can find are blue and yellow sleeves. The Jacko I owned had his arms upright. Also if anyone has one for sale please can you let me know.
stella95326-Sep-2013, 04:36:58 PM

I still have my Jacko - he had red trousers and red top, one ear has been partly sewn back on and he only has one eye because my sister poked it out with fork! I loved him dearly and I will never part with him.
Nandy197019-Sep-2013, 10:13:55 AM

I am 64 and had a jacko sad that he was tossed he was a good friend
highlander13-Mar-2013, 02:42:02 AM

I have been having clear out ! So I've put a Jacko monkey on preloved web site if anyone interested ? Rather he went to someone who would appreciate him blue trousers and blue /white stripped shirt. Leave comment and I will get back to u.
Bettyboop195926-Jan-2013, 12:33:42 PM

I had one off my dad to tempt me go dentist of course I went I loved that monkey lol. I managed to get one could be mark 2 ? Blue trousers and blue white stripped top . Happy memories ! Also found a smaller version grandson has that with red trousers .
Bettyboop195926-Jan-2013, 12:26:45 PM

Does anybody know we're i can get a jacko monkey.i have one when I was 4years old and miss it.
Pat p from ireland
Pat p25-Nov-2012, 07:21:20 PM

Just got a Jacko from ebay, but when I opened the parcel I was convinced the one my brother used to have in the late 60s early 70s was bigger. This one stands 19" tall. Was there a taller/bigger one?
mummypig24-Oct-2012, 03:25:09 PM

My sister and I had one each and we loved them. Both were called Billy Simmons but had different middle names 'Archibald' and 'Sylvester'. We have years of happy memories playing with them as children. They spent years together on our dear Mum's spare bed when we grew up and when she sadly past a few years ago my sister and I have them back and they live in our own houses now on our own spare beds. Very happy memories for Lorna and Cathy xx
laurapilfold09-Feb-2012, 10:09:45 AM

jacko also has his own face book page. and there is acompany on ebay that sells a jacko cross stitch kit
marie3220-Jan-2012, 11:06:36 AM

Please get your Jacko monkeys out of the attics I wud love to own one again for sentimental reasons ! jeni thats the one I had, loved it. has anyone got one ? Please?
Bettyboop195910-Jan-2012, 10:36:17 PM

i have 23 jacko monkeys and i love them to bits (jacko, jillo, jemo, jayo, jocko, jono, judo, jimbo, frank, victor, francois, aluishus, beautiful, neil, rick, dibley, cuddles, pg, tetley, wonier, hugo, old septimus, ceasor) some people are scared of them but i think they are adorable
Jacko09-Jan-2012, 07:41:53 PM

does any one know when and why they stopped making jacko
marie3229-Nov-2011, 03:31:26 PM

This wouldn't be an investment for me! I was born in 1966, and I had 'Midge' my name for him. Mam and Dad getting older now, and are talking about days gone by. I remember 'Midge' been looking at old photographs of me as a little lad, holding onto him with every muscle and fear! Don't know where he went, I guess, I got to that age when Dad has to toughen you up! Midge was blue, with blue stripey arms. Weird, but at 44 I can tell you how he the smell from him, the feel of him, and how the cotton was thin, but well made! odd. Fingers crossed! One day - x x
19davo6607-Aug-2011, 01:26:09 PM

aw jacko monkey! easily my favourite toy! at age 10 thought i was to grown up to keep him anymore, so gave it to a neighbours child. 2 weeks later found jacko sticking out of their dustbin! I was heartbroken, and as much as i wanted to take it out of bin, didn't dare as thought neighbour would tell me off for stealing. how stupid was i! miss my monkey so much! heartbroken!
danfio13-Feb-2011, 06:10:24 PM

I just to let everyone know, my jacko my wife got me for christmas has now got new eyelashes and he looks great now..needs a few more ops but he's getting there..phil..
philip28-Jan-2011, 10:01:22 PM

I am still hunting for a Jacko Monkey (blue trousers) I keep nearly getting one on E.Bay. If anyone has one I can buy please contact me I can pay £50. for one in good condition. thank you.careing mother
caringmother23-Jan-2011, 05:56:56 PM

hi, i am looking for a jacko. i had one when i was about 7/8 i called mine "mitch" i wwould really love another, do you know of any for sale? please please let me know. maggie
maggienandy22-Jan-2011, 09:24:54 PM

Jacko Monkey is a very special part of our family! He's been with us for almost 40 years, is on his third or fourth wig, countless repairs where his stuffing has come adrift, eyelashed gone, one eye stuck up in his head, several fingers missing, little rosy cheeks now pale and mucky from being chewed. He is very special and very much loved. anyone not knowing his charm and how much he means to us all might think he's just a dirty, scraggy old toy but we like to say that he's mature and glowing with a patina of love ;-) Long live Jackos everywhere.
laura wiles14-Jan-2011, 12:59:22 AM

hi caringmother..best place to look is the internet just type in 1960s jacko monkey (woolworths sold them in the 60s)or go on to ebay..good look...phil.
philip03-Jan-2011, 10:37:51 PM

i would like to buy a chad velley Jacko Monkey for a surprse gift.any offers anyone? please.
caringmother01-Jan-2011, 06:28:11 PM

I was born in 1954, and my older brother got me a jacko monkey for my birthday when i was 6ys old,my mom through him away when i was 15ys old old,never forgot him.always talked about him to my grandkids..This christmas morning the bigest surprise of my life was a jacko monkey my wife had got me off the internet great, best gift ive ever had.(thanks jen love philxx)PHIL 27-dec-2010,7:42PM..
philip27-Dec-2010, 07:47:36 PM

i need a jacko Monkey.. in light brown Please!!! ASAPPP!!! for my mum .
jl21-Nov-2010, 07:56:05 PM

can they still be found and bought. i would like to get one if i could.
taz09-Nov-2010, 08:15:56 PM

I am 54 years old and still have my Jacko monkey! My brother bought him for me when I was 5 years old and he has white boots on! My daughter used to play with him as do my 2 granddaughters aged 4years and 2years and they love him as much as me!
jeanhelen18-Oct-2010, 10:43:27 AM

Hello all i had a jacko monkey when i was about 9 years old i am now 51 so i would have got him new in 1967 - 1968. Please could anyone tell me the colour of cloths my jacko would have been wearing i know it would have been blue and white stripped or red and white stripped. I moved home and not sure what happened to my jacko.
joanhibbins02-Aug-2010, 02:28:11 PM

We have 3 Jackos, a girl and 2 boys, Jacko, Jillo and Jemo. We are 8 and they were our mum's in 1970. We love them to bits.
Jacko31-Jul-2010, 01:49:02 PM

I still have my Jacko - he is now 46 years old and although been repaired many times - he is still very much loved. Jacko comes on all our cruise holidays and in our Motor Home - would never part with him
clarealien31-Jul-2010, 10:02:10 AM

I still have my Jacko monkey he was brought for me by my grandparents who previously brought my dad one when he was a little boy it was the fact they had not seen one since he had his that urged them to buy one for me, i was only a couple of months old and as a small baby my first name for him was dumadums which has since then stuck. I love him but most people who see him state that as a small child it would have scared them to death and caused nightmares lol never mind i would never part with him and my 3 yr old daughter has hours of fun playing with him still now :-)
Jeni J27-Jan-2010, 03:56:07 PM

I have 9 Jackoes,7 boys and 2 girls and they all wear cute little outfits.I love them all but visitors think I am weird when they come round to visit!
simes16-Jan-2010, 10:32:25 PM

My message to anyone who had a Jacko monkey or a female Molly monkey in the past that lost it or had it taken away and have often thought about getting a replacement is: Seriously, get another. Go for it! It will bring back all of the lost memories and everytime you look at your monkey you will have a feeling of self content.
marymb29-Dec-2009, 12:15:45 PM

After 30 years of being shut up and forgotten in an old suitcase I have just found my very threadbare and battered straw-filled Jacko. He's got to be at least 50 years old. I don't suppose he's worth very much but even after his ordeal he's still smiling!
victoria grange27-Oct-2009, 10:49:40 PM

i have a girly 'jacko' which i used to hang on the handle of my sons pram . it was the only thing that would stop him crying. he is now 15 and it still brings a smile to his face.
supersue04-Aug-2009, 12:21:57 PM

Wahoooo! Memories of Jacko. I too had a Jacko which was taken away from me at a young age. I searched for years but to no avail. Probably because I made out to feed him Pacers (1970's mint sweets) and that he could talk when no one was looking. The moral of my story is...dont pretend to an adult that your Jacko eats and talks when they are not around! I was not mad...it was just a game!! I bid £100 on a Jacko on ebay and didnt win and just when I thought I'd never see a Jacko again, I got one. So don't ever give up people, it wont go away until you have a Jacko once again. Only one problem, where the hell do I buy Pacers?! I think my Jacko is addicted to Soothers...but that's another story!
daveb30-Jun-2009, 07:25:24 PM

i had ajacko at 2 yrs old still got him at 38 yrs old have gotten 3 more since secondhand 1 of which is smaller no moveable eyes though itfeels like he has a voice box in side him not working can he be repaired. also does amy one know why they stopped making jackos a few yrs ago the face hands and feet ears aapeared in craft shop s as build you r own monkey kit was this their old stock
marie3226-Apr-2009, 05:05:26 PM

For Heather, I had the SAME monkey! Mine said "Have a banana, munch munch!" and "Come to my tea party!". He didnt have any clothes but he came with a red plastic trapeze that you could hang him from the bar or the handles! Wish I could find one! Mine was given away! :(
IrishGal21-Apr-2009, 09:04:14 PM

I had a Jacko when I was a kid , I had the one with the blue/white striped t.shirt It got threw on the bonfire. I miss him still and I,m nearly 50. If anyone has a Jacko for sale please let me know. Berni.
bernibub17-Feb-2009, 04:48:52 PM

I still have my Jacko although I just used to call him Monkey. He has a red costume. I remember if you shook him you could hear his eyelids clicking up and down. He is very dirty and well used now but I wouldnt part with him for anything.
stephanie16-Nov-2008, 05:39:20 PM

hi all! yes you guessed it i've got one! he's a bit limp now but still in great condition otherwise. saw one on e-bay a year ago, £45.00. so keep hold of your's if you still have one.
keeper of jacko09-Oct-2008, 03:46:08 PM

I had a Jacko monkey and one day hooked his hands on the fire guard, 30 mins later mother was moaning about this smell as she washed up in the kitchen. One of Jacko's arms had melted to this day the operation my mother performed on him arm as I cried my eyes out still haunts me. "will he be alright mum will he live" LOL
Gazavich15-Sep-2008, 08:51:16 PM

I had one too, mine had white boots on. I would dearly love to have one now, anyone selling?
Mistybloo21-May-2008, 03:57:14 PM

I finally got my Jacko monkey for passing my 11+ exam (1961) - I'd wanted one for years but my parents didn't have much money at the time so had to save up - I think he cost about 27/6 from Woolworths - he's in the drawer under my bed now - he's lost his clothes (red trousers and striped knitted jumper) his arms are filled with straw and he has quite dangerous pieces of wire keeping him stiff so not sure if I'll let my grandson play with him !
Maddyw27-Apr-2008, 04:31:50 PM

I have been looking for my monkey for years. I am almost sure he was a Jacko monkey. Mine had red pants and a striped tee shirt. He had black shoes..Does this sound familiar to anyone. I really want to find one.
chimpsrock30-Nov-2007, 02:39:53 AM

I have three jacko monkeys (well two of my brothers and I own one each). I have a girl one with a red check dress on. Its in perfect condition, no bitten areas, eyelashes all in place, dress in perfect condition. Not fur worn. Does anyone know what she is worth?!?!?!
kellea16-Jun-2007, 09:43:27 AM

I've got one black and white photo of my Jacko taken in 1962.I was born in 1957. I couldn't remember what happened to him, Then the supressed memory came back. It was my naieve idea to use Jacko as Guy Fawkes on the bonfire! My parents didn't want to, but I was very determined.I can remember how I felt as I saw him going up in flames and realised he was not coming back and was gone for good. I have now got my exact Jacko back from ebay and spookily enough when I opened the box he reeked of smoke!
Gina24-May-2007, 01:28:34 PM

My younger sister Debbie had a jacko the chimp when she was young. She would call hers "Walter" after my dad (who was none too pleased to share his name with a monkey!) Over the years this well loved and well hugged monkey became a special friend to her and one day he disappeared. We cannot think what happened to him. (I think Dad secretly removed him from the toy pile). Sadly dad died many years ago and I know Debs always thinks of her Walter the monkey and how dad would pretend to be cross with her for calling the monkey after him. Well Deb, i thought i would try and track one down as you approach your fortieth birthday - and after a little help - i think you may be in for a surprise.
Michelle23-May-2007, 06:34:29 PM

To Louise R - I too have the female version of this monkey but cannot find any details about it. Can anyone point me in the right direction.
Kayl13-May-2007, 10:32:17 AM

My first boyfriend now my husband bought my Jacko monkey from Woolworths in about 1965. He had blue trousers and a blue and white stripe tee shirt and had very special memories for us both. I would dearly love to buy one the same if possible and if there is a Jacko monkey out there looking for a good home and for sale then please please email me and let me know at petepike@aol.com
christine pike26-Apr-2007, 10:45:13 PM

SUSAN SMITH26-Apr-2007, 03:29:47 PM

I had a jacko monkey in the 60,s, I was born 1959, it did not talk, it had a stripy tee shirt and plastic hands. My cousin who is 2 years younger, and I argue all the time as he says it was his and not mine. I would love to buy one like I had to send to my cousin in America, he would love it !!!
amanda jolliffe24-Apr-2007, 04:11:46 PM

You are not dreaming. I had a talking monkey. It said " I love banana splits!" I loved it - one day I pulled the string and the plastiv loop came off and thats the last thing it ever said.
Lorraine King21-Apr-2007, 08:03:33 PM

When my lttle bro was a baby his fav animal was monkeys and it still is to this day. So mum got him a Jacko (from a boot fair i think). We are now trying to desperately track another one down. He has 2, one with the hard plastic and one with a softe plastic which isn't as big. He has black legs, arms and head with a banana in the right hand, white plastic shoes and an orangy yellow belly. Some people think he is cute and some sy he is ugly and scary. I personnely love them!
Donna07-Apr-2007, 10:56:02 AM

My dad bought me a Jacko after i had been in hospital when I was 5, I loved that monkey so much, he got lost over the years and my dad has just bought me a new(old) one from e-bay for my 37th birthday. What a fantastic pressie, although I dont think the first one cost as much as the second one but he is the exact match of my old Jacko and I love him too.
Karen Lindsay25-Mar-2007, 12:52:35 AM

Jacko was my fav toy i brought him every where ... 1961 i was born and my mum bought me jacko wen i was 5 i want my son to see the toy i used to love and care for . Has anybody got a Jack the monkey blue and red in good condition. If anybody has any information on how to buy a new one can you please email my son on bngstuart@hotmail.com it would be appreciated thanks xxxx
Valerie Stuart17-Feb-2007, 11:19:04 PM

Found him, he was made by pedigree not chad valley,and he also said "call me jack" not jacko.I loved him just as much though.
Heather28-Jan-2007, 03:25:02 PM

Can anyone remember a jacko monkey that talked?I'm now 32 and I'm sure mine said "have a banana" and "Munch,Munch"His arms were also raised,please tell me i@m not dreaming and a later version did indeed talk!
Heather27-Jan-2007, 11:05:02 PM

I had a Jacko back in the 60s ( I was born 1964) and remember him fondly. I gave him a new look one windy afternoon, I remember, and took off the eyelashes on one eye! Poor thing! Needless to say, I did not go on to be a corrective surgeon! He is still at Mam's home, and I'd now love to introduce him to my own two boys. Mine had a stripy t-shirt and red dungarees.
Mari26-Jan-2007, 05:59:42 PM

My mom has got a jacko monkey she was born in 1965 i have got him now. He is looking a little worn but i don't mind. I am 11. He was bought for my mom when she was only about 18 months old.
charlotte24-Jan-2007, 09:18:32 PM

I also had the jacko monkey when I was 4 years old I am now nearly 49 so this monkey was around since 1962 there was an Identical one sold on ebay for ?33 I was seriously tempted to buy it for nostalga but decided not too.Wished I had now as it was a very lovable monkey Doug.B From newcastle upon tyne
duggy.b25-Dec-2006, 08:48:22 PM

I am desparately looking for what might be a Chad Valley Jacko monkey. I had a monkey that looked very similar as a child. However mine had black shoes, red cotton pants and a black, yellow, blue and red thinly striped shirt. Has anyone seen such a monkey?? I am not sure of the brand but want to find him again. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Melissa12-Dec-2006, 01:57:40 AM

I still have my Jacko Monkey after 30+ years , battered and tatty , with one ear, (still have the other ear ready to be stuck back on), wouldn't part with him for anything , too many good memories. Looking on ebay to star a Jacko collection!!
Ralph20-Oct-2006, 09:26:25 PM

I have had my original jacko chimp (not a monkey, as they do not have tails!) since 1973. He is bald and a bit battered through too much love. 33 years later, I have accumulated 2 more Jackos and still look regularly to maybe purchase another or two. Space permitting!!
Alison05-Oct-2006, 05:35:02 PM

My Husband had a Jacko monekey and when we came to AUstralia i sold him at a garage sale for $1 yes what an idiot i was, well he has never let me forget it and im now hunting him or one like him down i would love to hear from any one that has a jacko monkey for sale as i have to buy him back he black pants yellow top and red braces, please help
D Wood18-Jun-2006, 08:36:51 AM

I too had a Jacko monkey with a stripey jumper. Loved him to bits. Also had a Brooke Bond monkey (sort of rubbery texture) but with a gorgeous face. Unfortunately after 48 years he has now perished. As to Jacko - well my brothers got to him - need I say more.
Barb16-Jun-2006, 08:16:52 AM

I had 2 jacko monkey one large and one smaller version I loved the smaller of the 2 he had a pink top black trousers small white boots and his arms. I loved him to bits which where he finally fell, I would love to find him again I only have pictures of us together and memories.
Angie C29-May-2006, 06:34:29 PM

I too had a Jacko monkey and he was thrown out. I'm 43 and i still miss him! Am trying to find a replacement but the ones on ebay are just not the same. he had an open mouth, eyes that didn't close and stripey outfit with red (?) trousers.
Jenni13-Mar-2006, 04:55:08 PM

I had a Jacko monkey when i was little. I remember fighting with it, It hurt like hell when you hit its face as it was really hard plastic!!! I could never have it in my room at night though because if you looked at him long enough it looked like he was breathing!! Good but scarey memories for me!!
Mark Ashby01-Mar-2006, 07:51:37 PM

I had Jacko during the 70's growing up, boy did I love him! I took him everywhere, one day I came home and my dad had cleared out the toy cupboard...he was gone :( and now 36 have never got over it! I hope to get one off of ebay even though it will be jacko mark 2!
Ash05-Feb-2006, 07:59:34 PM

I have one of these monkeys, but it is a girl and has a pinifore dress on. Exactly the same as the boy, but has a skirt over the wooly trousers. Does anybody else have a girly monkey, i've only seen people with boy ones. I have always bitten my nails, and so 'molly monkey' has bitten nails too!
Louise R17-Jan-2006, 07:53:44 PM

i have a jacko monkey i have had him since i was about 2 yrs old i used to call him charlie monk and still do lol.he is in my loft at the moment but lookin on e bay at some prices of them i may find him out and clean him up.when i was a kid i used to swing him from the washing line lol.
john sanders16-Jan-2006, 02:19:09 PM

Still have my Jacko monkey never left him out while playing with my dolls but has now been relegated to my attic. Wouldn't part with him to many delightful memories.
Janine Macaulay19-Aug-2005, 06:03:01 PM

I was just wondering how old Jacko monkeys are I've just brought one and was told it was from 1954 is this possible ? as I thought they were 60's to 70,s. I brougt it on E-bay and the seller told me there son had had it since 1954, but checking their feedback I saw they brought the same item a month earlier which was then classed as a 60,s Jacko.
clive wallace03-Jul-2005, 07:20:30 PM

I got my Jacko when I was five years old. I've still got him and wouldn't part with him.
Lorraine Grundy22-Apr-2005, 03:24:01 PM

My sister had a jacko monkey, and i can remember laying it bed at night, in semi darkness, and never looking in the direction of jacko, cause he scared me, lol. Have not seen one for years, but would love too.
JULIE DARKER27-Jan-2005, 11:10:59 AM


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