Aqua Manda

Aqua Manda was a fragrance that only seems to have been around in the 70's. It smelled of neroli (orange blossom) and had some swirly William Morris type design on the top of the stopper.

Sarah Homatidis


hi my company re created the perfume last year
Aquamanda30-May-2014, 10:46:27 AM

Visit British Beauty Blogger- Aqua Manda is being brought back this summer!!
beckyboo28-Mar-2013, 08:02:52 PM

The chemist round the corner from where I lived had it in the window and I used to stare at it - must have looked pretty weird thinking about it.
drydf04-Mar-2013, 09:35:16 PM

Goya Aqua Manda is available online at Bought some for my mum from their store in Hebden Bridge. They had other vintage perfumes too.
vera wang16-Nov-2011, 11:25:33 PM

Aqua Manda, Patchouli oil and long hot summer days in friends gardens at college. Weekend trips down to Knebworth Festival and others. Oh yes it brings back fantastic memories!
annwenevenstar06-Apr-2011, 06:32:09 PM

I used to wear this in the 70's. It was all I could afford (being relatively cheap), but I wouldn't have worn anything else anyhow - I loved it. Have been longing for it ever since... I wish they would bring it back.
Alison7326-Feb-2011, 07:52:55 PM

I loved this fragrance, had some when I was a teenager in the late 1960's. Wish it was still around!
Suki20-Feb-2011, 08:36:35 AM

I remember Aqua Manda, and they brought out a fruity one called Aqua Citra. The bottles were really pretty, like flowers in relief. Wish I'd kept mine!
Frostycat04-Jan-2011, 08:27:19 PM

I have just bought some soap and bubble bath form Waitrose called 'Ginger and CLaementine'. It is the closest scent to Aqua Manda (as i remember it) that I have been able to buy. No body spray or fragrance yet!!
MaryM14-Dec-2010, 07:38:21 PM

I remember wearing this in the 70s, getting bottles of my family for christmas, I loved the smell I wish they would bring it back, even if it is just for the Christmas period.I also remember wearing on called Hobiginaut (dont think i have spelt it right)but that reminds me of the 70s as well, Happy care free youth.
mallymo26-Nov-2010, 03:18:27 PM

I loved Aqua Manda do wish someone would bring it back in its pretty bottle , the fragrance would just take me back to the 70s it was wonderful
Travelrid25-Nov-2010, 07:09:14 PM

I'm afraid that I thought Aqua Manda smelled like curry - phew!
Chieftso11-Aug-2010, 03:49:51 PM

My Mum had some. I had forgot about it totally, til I just saw the bottle. I vaguely remember not liking it, but....she also had a bottle of 'Mary Quant' perfume oil in a small bottle with yellow flowers on it and I used to steal that! It smelt like Ambre Solaire suntan oil; which I actually wear sometimes for the fragrance! (Wierdo)! But everyone always says 'Ooooo you smell lovely what have you got on'?
vixsta3317-Apr-2010, 02:20:05 AM

Anyone nostalgic for Aqua Manda should try Hugo Boss Orange. Got it for Christmas, sprayed and was instantly transported back to the 70's and my mum wearing AM!!!
TicTac10-Jan-2010, 04:12:07 PM

I've got some of the talc that I'd happily part with, for those who are looking. Don't want to go on ebay and have people get into a crass bidding war.
hotmetalchicky04-Nov-2009, 10:17:23 PM

I can't believe the other comments on this site - so much like my own experience of the 70's. Fab 208, Babycham, Jackie magazine (got my sex education at least in part from the Cathy and Claire page!!), frilly ghastly dresses my Mum made me wear, watching Crossroads and Top of The Pops when it was worth watching - all experiences today's kids would never understand. I also got 50p per week from my Dad, which lasted. I remember buying a lipstick for 12p! Anyone remember Woolworth's Evette cosmetic range? I would love to know of any fragrances which are reminscent of Aqua Manda. I'll look out for the Yves Rocher recommendation.

Elizabeth, you must be my twin...thanks so much for the happy memories!
Rosina12-Aug-2009, 11:20:49 PM

Sammi! Meadowsong, of course! I have been tryign to remember that one. Aqua Manda is my all time fave perfume. I so want to wear it again...
Rosina12-Aug-2009, 11:16:37 PM

I loved it too. My first 'real' perfume. Champney's Citrus Glow does smell exactly like it to me too.
Patsy457814-Jul-2009, 02:41:02 PM

Sammi - the Meadowsong was called 'Meadowsweet'and I've been searching for that smell for years!
patsydecline08-Apr-2009, 01:35:17 PM

Some enterprising person somewhere MUST bring this back - loved the smell and the packaging. Wow
the cardfairy02-Mar-2009, 11:07:12 PM

Champneys citrus glow smells just like it to me.
Kateb21-Feb-2009, 12:31:21 AM

remember it well - great memories of my Mum having this in the 70's I loved the bottle it came in too !
collyboi18-Dec-2008, 05:19:24 PM

I loved Aqua Manda so much I used to sneak it from my mother & later she bought me Aqua Citra which was nice but not as fab as the original. I also used to wear Pagan & I used to spend my pocket money on Evette & Miners makeup - Ah memories...
pogostemon24-Nov-2008, 11:08:45 AM

The green one was Meadowsweet - I loved this perfume - and am so sad that it no longer exists! And Aqua Manda - wow - what a sensational scent! the memories are flooding back now...
flossrock29-Oct-2008, 12:03:02 PM

oh! i really loved aqua manda was allways in my tapestry hippy bag in the late 60s would love to see it back on the perfume counters again does goya still exist alquavimia do a spray water that smells like it.
marilynanne03-Oct-2008, 07:39:21 PM

I remember a perfume called Pagan, the ad used to say: 'Don't wear it if you're only bluffing', needless to say i wore it regularly lol.
Alicia01-Aug-2008, 11:53:31 AM

wow, I loved Aqua manda, I remember Sunday night early bed after a hot bath and shampoo hair, pyjamas, a couple of pink jumbo rollers at the end of my medium length hair and the radio on low and a dab of aqua manda, not to much, school the next day.must get my beauty sleep.Aqua Manda.
1967mod20-Jul-2008, 08:38:20 PM

My Nan used to work in the Amersham Goya works so we used to have it all the time.
This was in the seventies.
I remember seeing photographs of the girls on the line and there was my nan, in her fifties then, with her fashionably pointy glasses on and I think they wore hairnet and hats (?)

I remember Maryf's recollection of Zendiq too, I had forgotten that til now.
I adored the smell of the whole Aqua Manda range. If they did bring it back I think sales would rocket!
I would personally want to buy a lifetime's supply!

My late Nan was Molly Fountain, I wonder if MaryF knew her?

Monique26-May-2008, 10:45:43 AM

I used to work at Goyas in the 70's on the Aqua Manda production line, I also worked on Cedarwood aftershave, Sandalwood aftershave, Shuni perfume, Zendiq aftershave and Meadowsong, I was on the Meadowsong carnival float in Amersham 1972. The companies main production line was based in Badminton Court Old Amersham Bucks, The company was owned By DR Collins Ltd (and Latter The son Chris Collins who was a Jockey)
maryf18-Mar-2008, 07:50:12 PM

I have been searching for a perfume that smells like aqua manda for thirty years! LOVED the smell and wish it would be brought back. Happy memories indeed.
SARA23-Feb-2008, 12:01:41 AM

'The Sanctuary' (the one with the orange lids) from Boots, is the nearest thing to Aqua Manda.
Juliet02-Feb-2008, 07:06:16 AM

Hi from New Zealand. How I wish I could smell a bottle of Aqua Manda! I used it all the time in my teens. I remember the radio Luxembourg ads for it. Oh the memories! Bring back Aqua Manda!
LindyLambChopsNZ26-Sep-2007, 05:06:35 AM

been looking for a bottle of aqua manda for ages ,just come across one on ebay for £30!talk about high way robbery.funny how a smell can take you back 30 odd years,happy days
magicmum06-Aug-2007, 01:52:23 PM

Aqua Manda is High Wycombe 1970 to me. I used to use it all the time, the lovely brown bottle, the slightly oily consistency of the lovely orangey smelling fragrance. It takes me back there in a trice, if I think of the smell.
Eve28-Jul-2007, 05:56:51 PM

Aqua Manda was the start of a serious perfume addiction for me. I can't believe the other comments on this site - so much like my own experience of the 70's. Fab 208, Babycham, Jackie magazine (got my sex education at least in part from the Cathy and Claire page!!), frilly ghastly dresses my Mum made me wear, watching Crossroads and Top of The Pops when it was worth watching - all experiences today's kids would never understand. I also got 50p per week from my Dad, which lasted. I remember buying a lipstick for 12p! Anyone remember Woolworth's Evette cosmetic range? I would love to know of any fragrances which are reminscent of Aqua Manda. I'll look out for the Yves Rocher recommendation.
Elizabeth Harfleet25-Jun-2007, 08:09:22 PM

I was a child in the 70s and i was given a bottle of Aqua Manda in the late 70s by a relative who'd had a perfume clearout. I thought it smelt wonderful. Now i'm older it's one of many things that's long gone. People fight over one bottle when one appears on Ebay. I would be interested in Antonia's knock off recipe if you ever come across it.
Lou30-May-2007, 04:16:36 PM

I loved the bottle and the smell, late nights listening to Fab 208 on my Murphy radio. Those were the days. I can smell it now.
Carolyn R26-May-2007, 11:47:39 PM

Oh gosh! How I LOVED that perfume. Even now I can smell its heady fragrance. I have a recipe for a knock-off somewhere. I remember buying it when I was a teen and somehow it just formed an aura around my happy and carefree teen years. I loved the green one too (whatever it was called) but NOTHING has ever come close to Aqua Manda.
Antonia25-May-2007, 01:17:37 PM

Did they make a "sister" perfume that smelled of lemons - Aqua Citrus??
Coral04-May-2007, 12:43:26 PM

I just brought some old copies of 70's Vogue on ebay and the Christmas 1975 edition has a full back page ad for Aqua Manda,what a trip down memory lane,from just seeing the pictures I could smell the fragrance and it took me straight back to my teens. Tina, the mag is surplus to requirements if you would be interested let me know here amd i'll arrange something.
Viv26-Apr-2007, 09:18:00 AM

Aqua Manda and the Radio Luxembourg Ads are linked in my mind forever. I loved the bottle top, brown with an embossed design of an orange branch. Happy memories of my teen years getting ready to go out to a disco & drink BabyCham!
Kate09-Apr-2007, 08:37:03 PM

My friend has just bought me a bottle of Yves Rocher perfume called Voile d'ambre which brought back instant memories of Aqua Manda (although it took me longer to remember the name!) brings back memories of teenage visits to perfume counters and sneaking in at lunchtimes to get a crafty squirt!
Debbie06-Apr-2007, 08:19:25 AM

I loved Aqua Manda but my favourite cheapo (as in affordable) perfume from the 70s was "Madame R", one of the series of 'Replica' perfumes. Does anyone remember this or know anything that smells like it now (or Acqua Manda)?
Carmel27-Feb-2007, 01:42:36 PM

Sitting in the back garden with my friend Joyce squirting lemon juice on our hair so that the sun could bleach it! EVERYONE smelled of Aqua Manda!!!
PAT19-Feb-2007, 02:57:53 PM

My sister will be 50 in June and I'm trying to trace down anything to do with Aqua Manda. Anyone got an old bottle, or advertising blurb? Probably a long shot... If you have, let me know in these comments box and I'll sort out trying to get in touch.
Tina08-Feb-2007, 06:56:29 PM

Every one who wanted to be cool had Aqua Manda. But you were even cooler if you were the first one to have Aqua Citra. Anyone remember it. Thanks for the info simone I have bottles from both. I'm going to sell them asap.
Janet06-Feb-2007, 09:49:15 AM

I remember getting a bottle of Aqua Manda for my christmas when I was eight years old. I see it for sale regularly on ebay selling for ?30 (just for an empty bottle). Brings back happy memories..............
simone03-Feb-2007, 08:38:39 PM

Loved Aqua Manda does anyone remember the grassy fragrence one, I think it was called Meadowsong and altho I loved the original this was my favourte
sammi12-Jan-2007, 07:17:17 PM

Aqua Manda and Aqua Manda for Men - like the ladies version but no jasmine (or so we were told). A great improvement and step up from Brut or Old Spice. The memory of the perfume remains with me now and the vision of the bottle prompts precious memories. BRING IT BACK PLEASE!
Les17-Nov-2006, 08:48:18 PM

Memories of Aqua Manda came flooding back when I tried the new Imperial Leather shower gel Indian Spices. I knew it reminded me of a perfume from my teenage years, but it took days to remember the name. One of my favourites from those days.
Annette30-Oct-2006, 05:40:43 PM

reminds me of christmas mum bought me it once a year .reminds me of my youth
michaela percy30-Aug-2006, 06:42:49 PM

Wish they'd bring back Aqua Manda back for a bit - reminds me of seventies summers - loved the bath oil.
Helen16-Aug-2006, 11:47:41 AM

I remember a perfume called Accent!. It was around in the early 80's. Loved it. Still trying to find it
Pauline Ryan04-Aug-2006, 09:59:07 PM

Kate01-Mar-2006, 05:36:32 PM

Bubbly baths spicy orange smell happy days.............
carolyn02-Feb-2005, 06:53:28 PM

I remember the orange plastic bottles, the wonderful orangey smell, and the late night advertising for it on Radio Luxembourg.
Kerry15-Jan-2005, 11:21:02 AM

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