Scritti Politti

Fronted by Green Gartside, Scritti Politti were best known around the mid 80s with their "Cupid and Psyche" '85 Album. Hits include "The Word Girl" and "Perfect Way".


Well I rmember them indeed- I had a copy of Cupid & Psyche '85 on cassette, it came out the year I left school. I thought it was wonderful- the B-side had a reggae version of 'Flesh & Blood' on it which was excellent. Might try to get a copy on eBay....
Green Gartside was Welsh unless I'm mistaken, though in those days it wasn't cool to be so. Scottish and Irish was the height of acceptability, though in the mid-'80s, if you were Welsh you were just a joke. Strangely though, this didn't apply to ultra-Welsh Nationalist band The Alarm, who got good airplay!
Roxxy09-Jan-2011, 02:01:28 AM

i remember how sexy green gartside was!
sharon22-Oct-2006, 12:20:58 AM

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