My Buddy

I remember my younger brother had a My Buddy doll. My Buddy was just your basic doll but was more made for boys, I guess. I remember the commercials for these and they always had boys in them. Later they also made a similar one for girls called "Kid Sister".



Is anyone familiar with a store that sales the original doll, not the all cloth doll? I'd love to buy my son one.>>> I do not want a used doll.
mybuddy26-Oct-2007, 08:12:51 PM

I would always be really scared of My Buddy because he reminded me of Chucky. Even before ever seeing the movie, I thought the doll wanted to hurt me.
stuntpilot1320-Jul-2007, 03:03:39 AM

Uhhhhh..I am too old to have a My Buddy doll, but I really think I would have liked him when I was younger. I was sort of a nerd and didn't have many friends. He would have been a nice companion for me. I even know the song..."My Buddy, My Buddy."
Goob21-Jun-2007, 05:55:59 PM

One day at work I started singing the My Buddy theme song and shockingly my co-worker replied, "Kid Sister, Kid Sister". At that moment, I knew she was pretty cool. Now my co-worker and I share My Buddy and Kid Sister stories all of the time. When I was little, my mom used to dress my brother and me up like My Buddy and take pictures. She even cut my bangs the same way too. I love My Buddy.
Bill21-Jun-2007, 05:50:19 PM

These always scared me cos they looked like Chucky.
Denise04-Nov-2005, 10:55:24 AM


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