255 Computer Command

255 Computer Command was a programmable replica 1980 Corvette and was one of the coolest toys ever made (alongside Big Trak). Under the hood was a control panel with a series of buttons that let you program the movements, sounds and lights of the car. The 255 Computer Command Corvette had an advantage over other small car models in that it had rubber tires and metal hubcaps to give it a real authentic feel.

It was possible to program the car to drive advanced courses in forward or reverse, do figure of eights, turn the lights on and off, sound the horn and more. With each command you specified the amount of time to run before moving on to the next command and if you really wanted to you could program the car to drive around on its own all day (or until the 9V battery drained). There were a total of 255 different commands to program the 255 Computer Command Corvette - hence the name! Commands were basically directions for the car to move in including 'Forward', 'Reverse', 'Forward Left', 'Forward Right', 'Stop', 'Reverse Left', 'Reverse Right' and the option for the 'Horn. To set the command you need to press the direction you wanted the car to go in and then type in how long it should carry out this command. When you had finished your "commanding" you then needed to press the "Go" button to set the Corvette into action.

And as a final touch the car would play the 'Charge' song whenever it was turned on!

255 Computer Command Corvette was a truly great toy and was made by LJN in 1981.


If anyone wants to buy it? search for it on Ebay,its £69.99 or make a offer & free postage to the uk or £15 to other countries & new batteries included
colin197030-Apr-2014, 05:47:21 PM

I Have One On Ebay Now (Corvette) Working & Instructions In Very Good Condition
colin197030-Apr-2014, 05:34:16 PM

Just bought the 280ZX on ebay without instructions and can't find them online anywhere. If someone has a copy that can be emailed or purchased please let me know?
m.s.todd23-Apr-2014, 01:05:26 AM

I just got another corvette off eBay and it works great so now I have three vettes and two Datsuns
steve6919-Feb-2013, 05:01:25 PM

I have one for sale. It is a datsun 280zx and is still working. I got it when I was 10 its now 31 years old.
Low197116-Aug-2012, 01:03:01 AM

I have two corvettes and two Datsuns that I got off eBay they work great!
steve6916-Feb-2012, 10:46:50 PM

just bought one for 2 dollars april 24 2010
maybe for sale jared.pinecellar@sbcglobal.net
pinecellar26-Apr-2010, 03:41:15 PM

My mother bought mine in 1981 for xmas. I remember I had begged for months. I saw the 255 corvette at a dept. store called tg&y, and I just absolutely had to have it. The 255 was an expensive toy in those days, especially for a black kid living in the south in 1981, when a pair of shoes averaged around 15.00. but, mom came through. It's a toy I've always treasured untill this very day
kennyb10-Dec-2009, 02:19:19 AM

I have one of these that unfortunately does not work. Does anyone know were I can get spare parts for it. I am missing some gears and the battery cover. I would love to get it working so my sons can play with it.
lorenzog091711-Oct-2009, 12:56:26 AM

i just got another 280zx off ebay with instrutions so now i have two and i have one corvette and they all work cool.
steve6901-Jun-2009, 04:39:23 AM

my corvette did not make accurate turns but i fixed it the same way that i fixed my 280zx and they both work great now.
steve6925-Feb-2009, 12:52:56 AM

i have the 280zx and the corvette and i figured out why they dont make accurate turns and i fixed the 280zx now i am going to fix the corvette
steve6912-Jan-2009, 01:25:06 AM

I had the 280z version. I wish my brother hadn't broke it! Pleas find me another black & gold 280z!!!!
djsmoke29-Sep-2008, 02:46:58 AM

i got one but it wasn´t the corvette, was like a datsun 300 zx.In fact i want to buy one right now, my mail is emmanuelkrauss@yahoo.com.mx
krausstro10-May-2008, 04:15:09 PM

Hey, I was lucky enough to find two in Mint condition! Checkout my pics at www.raysrc.com Ray
RaysRC04-Mar-2008, 10:43:50 PM

I am sitting at the computer now with my 9 year old son. I told him about this toy a few weeks ago. I googled it and bam, here we are. I told him how awesome this car was and of all the toys I got for Christmas, this alongside with my first Atari, was the most memorable. I want one of these things so bad. It has been 27 years since I had this. I am now 38. I did not know they made another model the next year. I am on a mission now!
ricdafric01-Mar-2008, 05:37:58 AM

I finally found a 255 Command vette but it didn't have the manual....Can anyone send me a copy or scan of theirs?
SSPCrashedMe20-Sep-2007, 06:39:20 AM

I forgot My email address is: Rmerl@aol.com
Richard Merlis New York05-Jun-2007, 03:24:07 AM

I have a 255 Corvette, a connection on the circuit board is broken. Can anyone out there fix this ? It belonged to my son and I want to fix it up for my Grandson.
Richard Merlis05-Jun-2007, 03:20:42 AM

the only toy i can fully remember getting from santa ,this car slept with me for a year and a half would not go anywhere without it . I had my original one until i had 2 kids (girls) found it and ripped the hood and keypad right out but did buy one on ebay 3 days after and was better than mine pretty much brand new 5.00 plus shipping what a score had it under sting ray nobody else found it only 4 lookers what a screw up on there part but good for me ,
rob31-May-2007, 01:25:10 AM

I have both the Corvette and the Datsun!... I loved these toys a a kid and have to say that they were my favorite toys as a child. Believe it or not, the Datsun that I have is still BRAND NEW and in it's original packaging, unplayed with... WOW!!!!!!!
Patrick Conley21-May-2007, 10:39:14 PM

Well, whether one thinks it's an honor, or embarrassing, I am, in fact the kid from the commercial for the 255 comuter command corvette. Yep, the kid with the big blond curly white boy afro. My dad wrote and directed the commercial (he did so for many of the LJN toys). And though I don't remember that much from that day of shooting (I was 11 and am now 36) I do remember having fun and being told countless times by dad to hold up the car and thrust it to the camera (which is the last shot). Good times. And alas, though I did get one for free, I no longer have it...
Adam08-May-2007, 08:36:49 PM

I still have my 255 computer command its the Datsun 280zx its in perfect condition and 100% fully operational. I always wanted the corvette but it was always sold out in every store. I also have the talking Knight Rider car with the voice of K.I.T.T. fully operational and perfect condition. I have a few of generation 1 of the origional transformers. I also have hundreds of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards 1985,1986,1987.
greg (united states)27-Apr-2007, 02:43:25 AM

Yep, this was my all time favorite Christmas present! I remember seeing the guy out in front of Circus World toys demonstrating it and that was the end of it as far as I was concerned. I HAD to have this toy! Sure enough, Christmas morning 1981 there it sat under the tree! Santa Clause ROCKS! Still have it, but haven't had batteries in it in 20 years. May have to run out and get some!
Brad08-Jan-2007, 07:13:31 PM

I had a 255 Computer Command Corvette when I was a child and had so many hours worth of fun with it. Still have it too. Yet to see if it still works but see no reason why not! Pity I destroyed the original packaging but it has such sentimental value I'd never sell it.
Glyn Williams28-Dec-2006, 10:16:18 AM

i got one in 1981 it was a great toy i played with it for almost a year .. then my brother steped on it. and the wheel has broken off i never yet forgive him . i still played with it didnt work the same. i still have it but have never found any were wat cud fix it ..if any body can help or sum body wat can thanks .. r_reay@hotmail.co.uk
nipper12-Oct-2006, 01:21:48 PM

I still have my 255 computer comand in storage. What a great toy. I can't believe it's over twenty years old.
Sean18-Apr-2006, 11:13:20 PM

I wasn't a lucky one, to get it as a gift for the holidays. But got it a year (1981) later. I'm a collector now. I'm looking for the Datsun 280ZX version of the same toy, that came out in 1982. It is a very rear find. If anybody has one or knows where I can find it, PLEASE email me at LIMBODIAN@YAHOO.COM
DENNIS FOXWORTH11-Mar-2006, 07:53:59 PM

It was Xmas 1981 when I got mine from my father while visiting his house for the holidays. I remember opening this up and was so excited about it. I played with it almost every day after that until 1985 when my dad was killed. Now it is one of my most prized possesions. I have a lot of great memories of me and my dad playing togfether with this.
Jason01-Mar-2006, 03:24:08 PM

I got one of these cars for christmas 1980. In fact I still have it! I have the book and the car is in great shape and all the functions still work including the lights! What a great toy.....
Terry20-Jan-2006, 01:50:41 AM

i had one along with my brother he had the corvette but mine wasn't a vette it was more like a rx7 or something like that.The swtich went bad and me being young and dumb tore it apart.He still has his vette and i have been looking to see if i could find the one i had.Anyone ever heard of another model other than the vette?
scott14-Aug-2005, 03:32:08 PM

I found one on Ebay. I was wiling to pay 400.00 for it and got it for 21.50.
phillip Harris ( haymarket Va)14-Jun-2005, 04:06:02 PM

I had one as well, Christmas 1981. It was my biggest and best gift from Santa, and I'd give anything to get it back. Memories of gifts by mom and dad, now that he's gone, these silly toys are a great way to bring back what is now gone-
Travis14-Jan-2005, 07:00:13 PM

One of my best old toys, and I still have it! The best part was the screaching breaks when it stopped.
Ed O.06-Jan-2005, 05:40:41 PM

I remember my best friend tracy diamond got one for christmas and I had to have one. so I got one for my birhtday. I played with it for at least 6 months, I started learning all the commands . I wrote them down so I could complete them al. It took me almost a year to do all 255 but I did. I wish I could get another one. I would pay almost anything.
phillip Harris ( haymarket Va)03-Dec-2004, 09:49:38 PM

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