Fergus Fish

Fergus Fish was on just before the news (5.50pm in those days!) at the same time as Jackanory, Magic Roundabout, Tin Tin depending on what time of the year it was. The theme song ended with 'Goodbye from Fergus Fish at the bottom of the sea'.



Fergus Fish was brilliant! From the awful wooden puppets (that blew bubbles when they spoke) to the irritating voices and songs. It was aimed at the tinies, but I was about 12 when it was broadcast, and it really appealed to me and my friends. If only we could find some original footage!
s4unders23-Jan-2014, 03:15:37 PM

If my memory is correct, the characters had clumsy (puppetry) strings. I thought at the the time was unique to Westward Television, and not National, as appearance was, to be polite, of low budget!

sad.b14-Oct-2013, 07:14:39 PM

Yes, I remember Fergus the fish. I'm glad somebody else does as I was starting to think that I had imagined the whole thing. Know anywhere online where I can watch it?
Fish Fan26-Dec-2012, 10:55:11 PM

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